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Hand Controls for Vehicles

In the event that you require adjustments introducing on a Motability vehicle the adjustments must be added to the client’s Motability request to empower the client to exploit the sponsored costs.

The organization you have completed the establishment work should be chosen as the Adaptation Fitter.

If it’s not too much trouble guarantee the request is submitted once the adjustments have been included.

When the request has passed the qualification checks the Adaptation Fitter will get a warning.

The Adaptation Fitter won’t get any updates to this request except if an adjustment is changed. It is critical that the Adaptation Fitter is kept refreshed with the vehicle conveyance date so they can plan the work and request any parts required in time for the work to be completed before the handover.

All adjustments on Motability vehicles must be introduced before handover.

Our Quarterly Adaptations Guide contains data to enable you to add adjustments to a Motability request.

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Scuba Diving Port Douglas

Whilst the Great Barrier Reef gets all the plaudits, there is a region of Australia just as good for diving, but is a lot less congested than the great barrier reef. You have to be from another planet to never have heard about the Great Barrier Reef, it’s endlessly featured on travel shows and is one of the wonders of the modern world. You’ll also be familiar with the stories of coral bleaching and damage done to the reef, with endless commercial boats visiting the site. There is a better option though and it’s really close by.

Sitauated 70 kilometres north of Cairns, is Port Douglas. We’d recommend flying into Cairns, hiring a car, getting an Uber or picking up the Cairns Airport Shuttle bus which will take you right into the heart of Port Douglas.

We’d came to Port Douglas for one reason, to go Scuba Diving. There is no shortage of options for Scuba Diving Port Douglas, and we booked a private scuba diving experience with Jay from ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas.

Jay and Astrid run ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas and have done for many years.

If you’ve never done Scuba Diving in Port Douglas before, ABC Scuba Diving are the perfect people and company to trust, when your still a little unsure on how to do it, or how it all works.

What makes ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas different is that they are all about low impact and purposely carry extremely low passenger numbers. This isn’t some mass market, pack em in trip that you might be used to. In fact they take less passengers than any other day boat from Port Douglas, typically around 4 people. So there is lots of personal tuition if you need it. The waters we dive & snorkel in are pristine un-visited environments offering you a rare thrill, not the standard experience of visitors to the Great Barrier Reef.

We are visiting the reef the way it should be done. Your group may be the only ones in the water and our boat the only one we see. This is your chance to be an explorer, uncovering a brand new dive or snorkel site.

When you are in the water it is amazing, beautiful clear blue waters and the marine life you see is out of this world. The fish you see are all colours of the rainbow, red, green, blue, yellow etc. Jay knows exactly where the more colourful fish hang out, and he takes great pride in showing the fish to the passengers on board. The boat is fantastic as well, plenty of room on board and you never feel cramped. Can’t wait to travel again with Jay and Astrid.

We spent 7 days in Port Douglas and without a doubt this was the highlight of our trip. Thanks to Jay, Astrid and team at Abc Scuba Diving Port Douglas for a great experience me and my fellow passengers, will never forget. Don’t forget to review them on Trip Advisor

Check out their You Tube video.